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Licensed Psychologist & Family Therapist

4050 Washington Rd • Mc Murray, PA 15317 • 724-942-4490

Women's Health & Hormonal Issues

Are you suffering needlessly?

  • Are your hormones disrupting your life?
  • Have you noticed that PMS symptoms get worse when you are stressed?
  • Do hot flashes disturb your sleep?

Most women have heard of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), Postpartum Depression and Menopause, but in general, the “female hormone” topic is a mystery.  Hormonal issues are seldom discussed and so few women understand what is happening to their body.  For example, did you know that STRESS makes hormonal issues worse?  It most certainly does! 

PMS, Postpartum Depression and Menopause are often misdiagnosed and then a woman spends time, energy and money on attempted solutions that are not useful and she does not find relief. 

Are you one of these women?  I know how frustrating this can be because I went through it some years ago.  Many women come into my office confused and with many questions.  I teach them that hormonal symptoms are both mental and physical.  (Click here for complete listings of symptoms associated with each kind of problem). These symptoms can easily rob you of your peace of mind and joy.

This is needless suffering. There are solutions and I can assist you to find the solutions that are just right for you personally.  Many women are surprised to learn that there are many simple and effective solutions to PMS.  Why is no one teaching us about such matters?

Sometimes it is difficult to separate out the hormonal symptoms from symptoms of depression, anxiety or life style issues and that is where I can be of help.  These matters are complex –you need and you deserve to have help and guidance.

If you suspect that your health is suffering due to PMS or Menopause—you are probably right.  If the birth of a child or Perimenopause has disrupted your hormones and your life, please give me a call and we can create some relief mechanisms in order to get you back to feeling good.

If you accept that this is “just the way it is” (as the women of my mother’s generation used to say) and you do nothing—you will join the generations of women who have suffered helplessly over the decades and centuries.  On the other hand, if you take the risk and dare to hope for a better health situation, you will give me a call and I can gently guide you down the road to a healthier life. 



Premenstral Sydrome (PMS) Symptoms

Abdominal bloating
Abdominal cramps
Leg aches
Water retention
Painful breasts
Gastrointestinal upsets

Mood swings
Crying spells

Taken from Valfi, H., M.D. & Valfi, P., How To Get a Great Night’s Sleep Holbrook, Mass: Bob Adams, Inc.1994)]

Menopausal Symptoms

Hot Flashes
Night Sweats
Weight Gain
Joint Pain/Backache
Crying Spells
Loss of Bladder Control
Loss or Thinning of Hair
Burning or Pain upon Urination
Vaginal Dryness
Decreased Sexual Desire
Decreased Sexual Activity

Useful links: 
Dr. Northrup has written some  very helpful books on hormonal issues including, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, (Carlbad, California, Hay House)]  Pamela Levin has written The Female Hormone Journey

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

(These usually occur within 4 weeks after delivery of a child.)

Sad, lonely or depressed feelings
Poor concentration
Up and down mood
High anxiety or agitation
Repetitive disturbing thoughts
Thoughts of death or hurting yourself

An excellent resource for naturopathic solutions is Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th Edition by Phyllis A. Balch, 2006. It is Available through, WebMD or the Mayo Clinic