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Cryogenic Trailer Transports

Southern Pines Trucking initially began transporting cryogenic materials through inter-line agreements with suppliers and manufacturers of various products and manufacturers of industrial and medical gases. In 2010, Southern Pines purchased six refurbished multi-service cryogenic trailers to create a presence in the contract cryogenic hauling arena. This decision was based primarily on a growing need for steel mill customers to supplement liquid oxygen supply when onsite production plants experienced planned or unplanned maintenance or outages.

In 2015, Southern Pines took delivery of 15 brand new multi-service cryogenic trailers built by industry partner Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives to increase fleet capacity to 21 cryogenic trailers to address changing market conditions and to support industry partners that manufacture industrial and medical gases. Our trailers are equipped with Kubota Diesel “pony” motors that essentially run the hydraulically driven cryogenic pump for quick product offload. Our fleet of trailers also incorporates the Turbines CDS1000 flow meter that measures amount of product delivered which ensures accuracy on the amount of product delivered to the customer.

Today, our cryogenic trailer fleet hauls for all the major industrial and medical gas manufacturers and a diversified group of customers involved in transporting industrial and medical cryogenic and high pressure gases.

Southern Pines Trucking bridges the manufacturer / end user gap to ensure minimal supply chain disruption due to lack of equipment or support.