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Company Driver Positions: Hazmat

Job Description & Benefits

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Driver Application

Company Driver Positions: FAK & Steel

Job Description & Benefits

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Driver Application

Southern Pines Trucking is actively seeking hazmat-certified company drivers. While most routes are east of the Mississippi River, nationwide routes are available.

We are also seeking experienced independent contractors, including those with specialized equipment. We have several terminals near primary customer locations throughout the country.

Drivers should have detailed knowledge of flatbed trucking, especially with regard to the over-the-road lifestyle.

Southern Pines is proud of its team of professional, experienced drivers. Candidates are carefully screened and acceptance criteria are stringent. Southern Pines ensures that its drivers are qualified and certified to operate their vehicles safely and efficiently.

For more information, please call 1-800-377-1049 or to view detailed benefit information for drivers. To download an application, click here.